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Lung and Sleep Disorder Center offers critical care in Bakersfield, CA. Critical care includes in hospital treatment for critically ill patients and ventilator management. This form of intensive care requires around-the-clock attention and monitoring. As intensivists, we are tasked with ensuring your needs are met regarding treatment and comfort. Whether you need long-term or short-term care, our compassionate doctors will provide you with the highest quality healthcare available.

Critical or intensive care differs from the usual approach to medicine. Doctors are required to look at each system individually and create a daily plan to keep them functioning. Unique interventions may be called upon should the situation grow dire. Our physicians are highly trained in a variety of areas, but we specialize in the pulmonary system. Our role in your care is to ensure your breathing is sustained and that the respiratory system is operating correctly.

Many people in critical care are put on mechanical ventilation to keep them breathing. The common forms of ventilation are positive and negative pressure systems. As is the case with most critical interventions, ventilation can entail significant complications. That is why hospitals require the services of pulmonary specialists to ensure breathing is properly maintained. Ventilation is used to restore lung failure and does not actually cure disease. It is a valuable tool for prolonging a patient’s life.

Again, our doctors specialize in pulmonary care and mechanical ventilation systems. We can effectively apply and monitor ventilation to maximize the patient’s health and reduce complications. We are available to work with hospitals and other practitioners to ensure their patients receive the highest quality care. Also, our physicians can aid in your overall treatment efforts through experienced diagnostic and treatment work. Reach out today to learn of all the benefits of our critical care services!

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